Things to Consider When Hiring A Lawn Care Provider

We know times are especially tight right now.  There are many people out there trying to find  a source of income during these difficult times, but not necessarily doing it the right way.  We have seen people willing to cut your lawn for a very nominal fee.  And we know that we all really need to make sure we can stretch our dollars as far as we can, but you need  to consider the ramifications of your choices so you can protect yourself, your family and your liabilities.

When hiring a lawn care service, please consider the following so YOU, the consumer are protected.   Their price may be cheap, but at what cost to you?

  1.  Do they have liability insurance?   If they damage your house, or a hit a stone in your yard that hits the neighbors car, or damage to anything on your property or  a neighbor’s property when working at your house and the really inexpensive “friend” that you hired doesn’t have insurance – you, the homeowner are liable.  Your homeowner’s insurance, your personal finances are liable for any damage caused.  A reputable business that pays liability insurance has coverage for these things.  Yes their lawn price will be slightly more, but this is why.
  2. Do they have workman’s compensation insurance?   Are their employees covered if injured on your property?  If they don’t have this, you the homeowner could be liable for the medical costs of the injury.
  3. Do they pay sales tax?  Lawn care is taxable in the state of Pennsylvania.  Is the lawn care provider paying that sales tax to the state?
  4.  Is the income being reported to the state and federal government?   This could be a tax liability for you if you do not report this on a IRS form – 1099 for outside services provided.
  5. Do they have a signed agreement?  Get the service agreement in writing to protect you and the company.
  6. Are they a licensed business?

So next time you want to consider hiring that friend down the street that is offering the service a few dollars less – is it worth the risk?

Support your local, small business!

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